Our goals are quite simple:

  • to teach you how to properly play a backgammon game;
  • to show you the most relevant backgammon variations and their rules;
  • to introduce you to the rich and colourful history of backgammon;
  • to explain the importance of strategy in backgammon and show you the tricks that can make you reverse the odds and beat your adversary at the backgammon tables;
  • to point out the best reviewed backgammon sites and give you hints on how to look for the best options and backgammon rewards.

To help you get on the right track and show you how to play a backgammon game and win, we offer valuable lessons and tools in our articles, written by professional backgammon players and connoisseurs.

Not only will you find the backgammon essentials, but also strategic tools to know how to play a backgammon game in tournament competitions or the best way to increase your odds and profit.

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