The 13/11 13/10 Opening Play in Backgammon

Split plays are used on opening rolls in backgammon where you are not allowed to make a point on the board. A split play would often go for an aggressive style of play though it may leave a blot or two open to attack. Another feature of split plays in backgammon is the fact that it opens opportunities to make points early in the game. One such totally aggressive opening play is the 13/11 13/10 play for the three-two opening roll.

Doing 13/11 13/10 in the opening roll seems more daring when you get a chance to look at it for the first time. It might even seem strange to a beginner to start a game of backgammon with two blots exposed to attack from opposing checkers.

One curious thing about this position in the backgammon opening roll is that by doing 13/11 13/10 your blots are relatively safe. Your opponent has only four combinations available to hit those two blots. The rolls to hit those two blots on the backgammon board are three-three, five-four, six-three, and six-four - a seven out of 36 chance that your blots will get hit. It will not be that much of a risk, nevertheless this is something you should also consider if you plan to use this in the backgammon opening roll.

Like other split plays in backgammon this opening roll strategy also incorporates a two pronged aggressive style. By bringing down two builders from the mid-point you are closing out your opponent's back checkers. That's a big threat when you play backgammon.

Any attempt by your opponent to escape those back checkers can end up sending them back to the bar and into your home board plus you have the advantage of slotting points after you hit. This split play works pretty well if you plan to adopt an aggressive stance during a match. Works well if you're already behind in a backgammon match and really need to win.

In this position after the opening roll, there is a high probability that you will make a point in your next turn. This should be your next goal after doing a 13/11 13/10 split play in backgammon. Since your blots on the backgammon board are not really prone to hits you are in a really good position to make a point.

Most likely, you can make a point in your next turn in backgammon using any roll except a five-four. Pretty good chance of making a point right after the opening roll.

The 13/11 13/10 play for the three-two opening roll is a formidable split play in backgammon. The aggressive style this play adopts is perfect for really daring backgammon moves.

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