Beginner's Intro to Official Backgammon Rules

Every beginner should learn the basic rules of backgammon before they could play the game. Below are the official backgammon rules that beginners should learn.

What are the official backgammon rules regarding the objectives of the game? The main objective is to move all checkers around the board into your home board and then take them off the board. The first player who accomplishes this objective wins the game. To decide who moves first, players roll a die each.

What are the official backgammon rules on moving checkers? Players move checkers according to the numbers on the dice. You may move a checker to a vacant point on the board, a point occupied by your checkers, or a point occupied by only one of your opponent's checkers. You may choose to use both dice results to move only one checker. Rolling doubles in backgammon allows players to use the same number twice.

What are the official backgammon rules on hitting? If you land your checker on a single opposing checker then you send your opponent's checker to the bar (i.e. a hit). Your opponent's first move should be to enter that checker from the bar to your home board. The same rules of movement apply when entering pieces.

What are the official backgammon rules on bearing off? Bearing off means to take your backgammon checkers off the board. The first player who bears off all checkers wins the game. Players may only bear off checkers when all their checkers are inside their respective home boards. During the bear off stage, if you can't bear off a checker then use the number from the dice to move your checkers closer to the bar. You may bear off a checker from a point with a lower number than what you got from the dice only that there are no other checkers on higher points in your home board.

What are the official backgammon rules on the use of the doubling cube? The doubling cube is the dice that has a different set of numbers on it. The doubling cube is usually used when players compete in backgammon in a formal game. Initially the doubling cube is placed at the very center of the backgammon board with the number 64 on top.

At any point in the game, if players feel they are at an advantage they may take the doubling cube and raise the value of the game, turns the cube to the number two, and then offers it to the opponent. If the opponent accepts the winner of the game will then get two points. If the opponent declines he loses the game but only loses one point. The game may be redoubled to four, eight, or any number of times.

These are basic official backgammon rules beginners should know. Novices can start with these so they may play the game.

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