Beginner's Intro to Official Backgammon Rules
Beginners should at least know the basic official backgammon rules so they can play the game. These official rules will include the objective of the game, how to move checkers, and bearing off.
Best Opening Rolls in Backgammon
Knowing the value of the dice rolls in Backgammon is essential to establishing control of the game, particularly for new players. The more familiar you are with the best opening rolls in Backgammon, the more ably you will be able to utilize them in your strategies.
First Things to Know in Playing Online Backgammon
Online backgammon and the traditional backgammon game may be the same game, but the game experience is very different. If you're deciding on trying out online backgammon, then there are some things that you must know about it before you join the bandwagon.
How to Make a Six-One Start
Gone are the days when a player takes too long to start the game. Experts have given us optimal moves with every backgammon opening there is and one of the opening rolls is a six-one start. See the recommended checker move when you kick off the game with a six-one opening.
How to Use Rolls in the Backgammon Bear-off
There's a step-by-step guide on how to use rolls in the backgammon bear-off phase. These instructions are qualified depending on whether rolls indicate an occupied point with a checkers on higher points or an empty point that has either checkers before it or after it. See another option in the former which is to bury in a checker and detailed instructions in case of the latter in this important end-phase of the game.
Learning the Rules of Online Backgammon
Backgammon is a lot of fun but you need to know the rules of the game before you can truly enjoy playing online backgammon. Only when you truly know the rules will you be able to learn strategies and techniques to easily defeat your opponents.
The 13/11 13/10 Opening Play in Backgammon
The 13/11 13/10 split play for the three-two opening roll takes on an aggressive style of play in backgammon. The aggressive stance and the high probability to make a point in the next turn make this a wonderful split play in backgammon.
The Characteristics of a Backgammon Blitz
The backgammon blitz is a strategy that involves a lot of aggression, which means hitting your opponent's blots. Understanding the characteristics and goals of this backgammon strategy is important if you want to master it. If you execute it well, the backgammon blitz is a strategy that is hard to beat.
There is a Backgammon Game For Sale at Every Price
You can find a good backgammon game for sale in every price range. Don't settle for a shoddy set when you can get quality even at a bargain.
Things to Check When You Buy a Backgammon Set
There are a few things you should consider when you buy a backgammon set. You should check the size, weight, and material of a backgammon set you need before you go out and buy one. Remember that the important thing is to cover a certain necessity and not spend your money on one that you don't need.
When Not to Split Runners in Backgammon
Splitting runners in backgammon is one of the more interesting tactics in the game. What's better though, is looking at the perspective of when not to split runners in backgammon because it easier to understand the concept behind it. See two of the common scenarios when holding back on separating one's back checkers is more beneficial in the sense that it can prevent a potential close-out as well as promote an effective closed board strategy to boot.
Why Children and Backgammon is a Good Combination
Children of today are exposed to a lot of gambling and teaching children but this doesn't mean that children and backgammon is automatically not a match. Children and backgammon games are advantageous in many aspects. Learn why children and backgammon are a perfect match.

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