The Characteristics of a Backgammon Blitz

The backgammon blitz is one very interesting and exciting types of strategy that can be employed in a match. The game play of a blitz is characterized by fast play and a lot of aggression, which is kind of hard to beat if played well. We'll go over the characteristics that make up the blitz and see how this magnificent hard-hitting backgammon strategy can prove itself useful.

A note for beginners is that they should start getting comfortable about taking risks. Beginners typically avoid taking risks like hitting and/or leaving blots on the backgammon board. This crash course on the blitz will demonstrate that the player who takes risks can reap very huge rewards in a match.

Let's go over how we can recognize the possibility of executing a blitz in backgammon. The very first sign you get whether you can execute the blitz is being able to hit one or even both of your opponent's back men. Of course this assumes that your opponent has split those checkers at the onset of a game. You may roll a double and hit those said checkers or you may not but what is important is the next item in this discussion.

After hitting your opponent's blot or blots your next signal is being able to establish home board points. This means that early in a backgammon game you have gained a significant positional advantage since you have at least one enemy checker at the bar and have made it more difficult for that checker to enter. The next signal you should expect is that your opponent fails to enter that checker stationed at the bar.

Once you see the following things take place then you know you can execute a backgammon blitz. Next, we'll move on to what are your objectives in a backgammon blitz.

Since your opponent already forfeits his turn then your next objective is to make more home board points with the extra move you now have. The more home board points you own the longer will your opponent's checkers stay on the bar. To help you out in making points on your home board, you can bring down builders from your mid point. These you can use to either make home board points on your next turn or hit escaping checkers.

While we are on the subject of hitting checkers, the backgammon blitz won't be called the blitz if you don't keep hitting your opponent's blots. Another objective when executing the blitz is to keep hitting any blot that is within range. This pulls your opponent back in the pip count and gives you time take advantage. When executed properly the blitz is one backgammon strategy that is hard to beat.

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