There is a Backgammon Game For Sale at Every Price

It seems that there is a backgammon game for sale at every price, or at least at every price range. Some game sets can be unbelievably expensive but there are very affordable ones, as well.

The most extravagant backgammon game for sale ever was estimated to have cost more than a million dollars. It had some 60,000 white and colored diamonds on a board with gold and silver. Presumably, it was intended more for display than for playing on.

The backgammon game for sale that most race car lovers will probably wish for, though, is the one from Renault. It boasts of having incorporated bits and pieces of the famed Renault Formula Once race cars in the set. The price is a whopping $27,300.00.

The well-known brand of Dunhill also has a backgammon game for sale, but at the much lower price of $6,040.20. It is still a steep price to pay for a game set in black leather.

Not very far from that figure is the cost of the Elie Bleu backgammon game for sale. Handcrafted in France, it's sycamore wood is lacquered and hinged in 18 karat gold plated metal. The price is $4,000.00.

If you want tournament quality rather than luxury, you can get a tournament backgammon game for sale at $2,500.00. It comes in genuine high grade leather in its natural color or dyed in various hues.

You can also find a backgammon game for sale that is already built into a game table of oak or mahogany. The more expensive ones come with matching chairs and can double as beautiful dining tables. Be prepared to spend more than a thousand dollars on one.

In the same price range you can also purchase an antique backgammon game for sale. These are usually highly regarded and much sought after not only for their aesthetic value but also for their historical significance. Backgammon, after all, is an ancient game.

The backgammon game for sale at $999 down to a hundred dollars will most probably be made of hardwood or wrapped in genuine leather. The more expensive ones are handcrafted and use the finest materials. Their fittings are made of heavy solid metal, sometimes gold plated. The interiors are lined with top of the line wool felt.

The backgammon game for sale at ninety nine dollars and below could also be one in wood or genuine leather being offered at a bargain. This includes magnetic travel sets. The more affordable ones are those in synthetic materials.

You don't have to settle for a shoddy backgammon set. You only have to survey the market to find a backgammon game for sale that meets your standards and your budget.

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