Things to Check When You Buy a Backgammon Set

Like the game of chess or checkers, backgammon has now been incorporated into online gaming. It does have a lot of benefits, when connectivity and speed of play is concerned, but online backgammon will still lack the good old personal feel of having your opponent right in front of you.

Another thing that online backgammon lacks is the beauty and the art that comes with the backgammon set. Ancient backgammon sets were made of any pristine material that can be used. Anciently there were backgammon sets that were made of wood, bone, ivory, and ceramic. Though we won't be able to find sets that are made of exactly those ancient materials we still can find some that will suit our needs.

Here are a few things we need to consider when we buy a backgammon set. The first thing we'll need to consider is the need that we're going to satisfy. Will the backgammon set we're going to buy be used as an additional highlight to our trophies, will it also function as part of our furniture, or will it be used for portable gaming?

If you're planning to buy a set for use in the club then obviously you ought to stick with those that can be easily carried. The size and the weight of the backgammon set should be light enough so it won't be a bother to carry along. There'll be boards that will be 21 by 26 inches when they're opened that'll work pretty well for club gaming since the pieces will be big enough and light enough to carry. The smaller 24 by 15 inch boards might be lighter but you should also consider the size of the pieces.

Another thing to consider will have to be the material your backgammon set will be made of. Buying a ceramic backgammon set for use in the backgammon club will not be that practical since they're heavier. Buy sets that will suit the initial need in the material that will suit whatever hazard comes along. If you're going to use the set at home where the kids are, better have the ones made of wood or plastic in the sizes that the pieces won't be easy to swallow.

Last thing would have to be the cost. If you're out to buy a backgammon set to be part of your decor then go for an elegant ceramic one or the really fancy leather sets. You may also want to consider a beautifully hand crafted backgammon table with matching chairs. Just remember that the ceramic and other hard to find materials will make the set you buy a lot more expensive.

These are the things you need to check when you buy a backgammon set. Make sure your set will cover a given necessity and don't spend on something you don't really need.

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